Hackademy's Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp Graduates Its First Class

Successful graduates among the 1st cohort of Hackademy’s introductory program to its Full-Stack Web Development Course receive their certificate of completion

Davao, Philippines, December 2, 2022 — Hackademy successfully concluded the 1-month introductory course of its scholarship training on Full-Stack Web Development with an astonishing 96% passing rate. 

The graduates were awarded their certificates at a ceremony held at Ingenuity Software, a local software development company that partnered with TESDA to sponsor this initiative. The event was attended by the students, Founder John Naranjo, School Administrator Karina Naranjo, Program Coordinator Hilton Soberano, mentors Jeremy Pacabis and JC Payumo, and TESDA Davao del Sur Provincial Director Adonis Culas.

Adonis Culas, Director of TESDA Davao del Sur Provincial Office, delivers a warm welcome to the graduates

In his special message to the graduates, Director Culas said, “To our graduates, keep learning in this field because we need more skilled workers in this industry to propel our economy. I hope you can use what you learned to continue creating solutions to existing problems and even those that don’t exist yet.”

He added his gratitude to Hackademy for its service as a training provider and a crucial contributor to their efforts in transforming the country as a prime destination for talents in the IT industry.

The official training arm of Ingenuity Software, Hackademy aims to provide an opportunity for NEETs (not in education, employment, or training) including Filipino fresh graduates, displaced employees, and career shifters to develop core competencies in IT-related courses from senior developers of a premier web and mobile development agency.

“It is our mission to help millions of Filipinos, and not just a lucky few, get the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital world,” Founder John Naranjo said.

John Naranjo, Founder of Hackademy, gives an inspiring message to the graduates

The partnership between Hackademy and TESDA under its “Tulong Trabaho Scholarship Program” is an essential first step in achieving this mission. Students even with no college degree and zero work experience now have the chance to be part of the promising tech industry. On its first run, Hackademy onboarded twenty (20) students under the TESDA scholarship program. At the same time, the company decided to add and support eight (8) more qualified applicants. 

"We believe that you have what it takes to succeed in this career. With the right attitude, grit, dedication, and hard work, you can do it too — and we will work with you to reach these aspirations. But you have to be willing to make sacrifices too. In the end, it will be worth it," Naranjo added, calling on the students to remain persistent and prepared for the journey ahead.

Moving forward, all successful passers of the 1-month introductory course will proceed to the 2nd phase of the program, which will delve into backend development using Python and Django, popular programming language and framework in the field. Overall, the Full Stack Web Development track spans 4 months, after which the students are expected to develop the core skills needed to become job-ready software engineers. Soon after they graduate, they will then be given an opportunity to work on real-world projects that will equip them with the confidence and competence to land high-paying jobs in the industry. 

Determined to expand the initiative of Hackademy, Naranjo remarked, “We look forward to continued collaboration with the government and our industry partners to cater to more Filipinos and offer more courses, ultimately advancing the state of IT education and professional development training in the Philippines.”

More Photos from the Event

Program Coordinator Hilton Soberano presents certificates of completion to the graduates   



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