Apps To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Imagine apps dedicated to disease prevention while helping more people achieve health and fitness.

Clinica is a user-friendly web and mobile app that integrates shopping and a healthy lifestyle to obtain overall wellness which will, ultimately, improve the quality of life.


How we made it

Data from these health apps will be uploaded to the Nutritas Health user profile via APIs and other data integration technologies to create a detailed personal health record that can be reviewed with physicians during telehealth consultations.

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In addition to providing instant medical consultations, users can also sign up for a monthly subscription which includes a monthly consultation with a physician and analysis of data taken from their health apps. The seamless integration of physician-reviewed health content with physician-approved health products and telehealth consultations creates a significant business opportunity that no other company in the world is currently pursuing.

The tech stack for the project:

  • iOS/Objective C
  • Validic API
  • 23AndMe API
  • HighCharts
  • Nutritionix API
  • ManageBGL API
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • NodeJS

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The Solution

Clinica has two main components: Integrated shopping and Health tracking. Through Integrated shopping, healthy food, personal care products, and other fitness-related merchandise can be bought using the app. The Health tracking feature on the other hand is an online health record that stores and integrates data from wearable fitness devices and apps used by the subscriber.

Phase 1 of the project is to provide health content and entails publishing hundreds of search-engine optimized physician-reviewed articles per day utilizing a content creation studio. This studio consists of freelance writers, editors, and medical doctors. The content will get indexed on search engines such as Google and will subsequently attract millions of people to the Nutritas Health website on a daily basis.

Phase 2 of the project is to build an online shop for health products and entails selling physician-approved supplements, organic food, and personal care products thereby creating the online version of Whole Foods. Each product in this shop will be reviewed for safety and efficacy by a board-certified physician.

Phase 3 of the project is telehealth consultations and entails providing users with the ability to consult with physicians and nutritionists via live video chat within 10 minutes of requesting a session. Sessions can be provided this quickly through an online session management system which sends text messages to on-call clinicians when sessions are requested. This third phase will be enhanced by integration with a world-class suite of health apps that allows users to measure biometrics such as sleep quality, physical activity level, and blood pressure from the comfort of their home.

Understanding the Problem

Clinica is a project by Nutritas Health which aims to become the premier global health and wellness platform that empowers consumers with the information, products, and personalized care they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. The project aims to provide its users with physician-reviewed health content, physician-approved health products, and telehealth consultations.

There are currently companies that provide one of these three services as a standalone product, but there are currently no companies aiming to provide all three in an integrated fashion with a focus on preventative healthcare.

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What We Learned

Undertaking such a large project was a first for the company. More than 15 developers were working simultaneously to reach milestones. The team had to tackle a lot of challenges in the process of building the apps. For one, the client was based offshore and communication was hindered by the time zone differences. To overcome such challenges, the team gave the client daily updates on the work progress through a daily stand-up meeting. It also helped that there were dedicated project managers for both the web and mobile team to keep the cadence of the group.

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