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Ingenuity dreams of helping out local businesses by automating their processes. Taking that dream to the drawing board, the team was set to develop a product that could solve most, if not all, business processing needs of small to medium enterprises and to do so with as little customization to the product as possible.

The end goal is for these businesses to be able to use the system and have it optimize their operations’ efficiency right out of the box - immediately after online sign-up. This includes minimizing time to consolidate reports, getting rid of most paperwork, reducing lost data or information and providing a quick overview of the business’ health at any point in time. Ambitious? Yes, yes we are.


Project Demand

We wanted Cloud Suite to be efficient and the ability to have the system accessed anywhere is one of the ways that would make it convenient for business owners to access data anytime and anywhere. Cloud Suite requiring zero download makes it easier to sign up and use right away.

Being an active member of the community, we have had discussions with many SMEs and have honed in on key issues that they are experiencing when running their business. These include being able to keep records in one place, having those records readily viewable for other related business units to use for their own function, and making sure that these documents are trackable and ready for consolidation for monthly review and reporting. Cloud Suite keeps all these information secure and accessible and quickly and easily reconcilable because all the modules are integrated.

Apart from using outdated and inconvenient methods for managing their business processes, with most still using excel sheets and some going so far as manually writing records on a whiteboard or paper. Cloudsuite gets rid of most of the manual process and delivers them to the business owners’ screens for review to make more informed and better decisions.

We thought of a solution that would have the SMEs split the cost among themselves by having a product that covers almost all of their basic needs. Since pricing for systems like this are by module, we trimmed down the starter pack to include only the basic ones that any SME from any industry can use. The current product includes five modules and they’re all easily accessible after signup.

What is the Project About

Cloudsuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with integrated modules that work together seamlessly to give organizations and businesses the power to manage and automate their business processes and different organizational functions.

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Efficiency is always the name of the game for any business. Most SMEs simply resort to manual recording and data processing because of the belief that coming up with an integrated system takes time and costs more than they can afford. This reduces their effectiveness and efficiency in managing their business.

Manual processes increase the chances of losing important information and making poorly-informed decisions based on outdated and inaccurate data, i.e. not being able to purchase the right products just in time would drive down sales because you’ve run out of products to sell when the customer demands them.

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Our focus lies on increasing efficiency and driving down cost for the company. Cloudsuite covers Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Invoice, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It heavily leans towards small to medium enterprises. Cloudsuite makes key areas of any business easier to track, manage and improve.

What We Learned

To properly execute such a project, the team had to understand how most local businesses work. The operational models for these businesses became the basis for how this system was built. Through successive iterations, the team was able to build the API/Backend, Web app, and Mobile app which will efficiently address the everyday struggles of a small business.


CloudSuite SaaS has 2 main components:
The core CloudSuite application built on top of Odoo framework (community edition)
The account/subscription management site built on Django framework

The subscription management site uses Python XML-RPC library and the open-source ERPpeek to manage the Cloudsuite instances. Payments for subscriptions and customer’s billing information are handled by Stripe payment gateway.

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