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Ingenuity has been built on the trust and loyalty of its clients. One of its long-term partners is California-based software company, Grin. Through the years, the company has worked with Grin in building a portfolio of Companion Apps for Social Networks. These Companion Apps organically grow their users social media mileage. To date, Ingenuity has developed more than 14 mobile apps for them.



Grin’s companion apps are built with Titanium for IOS. It uses social platform APIs depending on which it was built for. Getsubscribers uses the Youtube API, TumblrFollowers uses Tumblr API, Comments Pro uses Instagram API, Twitter Followers uses Twitter. We built a queue system on the server that handles which users are featured on the app and allow users to subscribe to them or go through another one.

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The server consists of 2 load balanced AWS instances and one database server using AWS. The server side is also built using Python/Django and it also in part has a Redis backend for cache. Periodic tasks are handled by Celery. Getsubscribers also has a chat functionality for real time chat that uses Pubnub as its backend. It also uses a lot of Ad Platforms SDKs that the app uses for revenue such as TapJoy, SSA, Fyber.

The project is ongoing for more than 2 years.

What is the Project About

The project is about creating various iOS mobile applications for people who are active on social media. These applications aim to help users widen their network, increase their engagement and get noticed by people all around the globe.

Each application is intended for users of different social networking sites. These applications are: Get Subscribers for YouTubers, Comments Pro for Instagram users, Tumblr Followers, Twitter Followers, and SubscriberTrain for YouTubers.

Get Subscribers is an iOS mobile application that allows YouTube users to subscribe to different YouTube channels, promote their own YouTube channels, get subscribed by other YouTube users, get reviews for their own videos, discover different YouTube channels in different categories, and interact with other Get Subscriber users through different chat rooms for different YouTube channel categories.

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What We Learned

Grin now has over a million users over multiple apps which we have built for them. They also have a loyal user base, and their increasing revenue has shown how much the company has improved and grown through the years. Consistently, we have managed Grin's servers and helped them define strategies to scale and manage their increasing growth.

Project Demand

Grin requested for iOS mobile applications called “companion apps” that help users with social apps such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr. These apps feature users on the app to allow them to acquire exposure on the given social platforms and build a community for these social platforms.

Get Subscribers has a chat feature that allows Youtubers to communicate with each other on the app. These apps are built with Titanium and the API’s of the said social platform. Also we use third party apps such as Localytics, for analytics and Pubnub for the real time chat and ad platforms SDKs such as Tapjoy, Fyber, SSA. Recently I believe they have renamed Get Subscribers to Grin as this is their main product.

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