Hatching Our First Game

Ingenuity's first take in Game Development, Tamagogo is a casual stealth and strategy game with a one-touch control mechanism which makes it easier to navigate a simple plot: escape a terrain of moving hazards, including roving guards, while helping a monster (the game’s hero) rescue and hatch its eggs.

Unexpectedly, Tamagogo was given major awards by the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) at the 2016 GameOn! ICT Creatives Awards Night paving the way for more game development in Ingenuity's bright future.



Tamagogo was deployed on multiple platforms. Unity was the preferred engine for this since it can be deployed to multiple platforms with only single coding and minimal optimizations per target platform.

For the gameplay side, Tamagogo required Artificial Intelligence for the enemies who scouted for monsters. This was resolved using Nodecanvas, a tool to make Behaviour Trees and State Machines; and Pathfinder, a plugin that makes AI pathfinding easy. The team then integrated Pathfinder into Nodecanvas to be used by the AI for the enemy movement.

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For the art side of the game, the team wanted an isometric look for the game using 2D assets. Since isometric is faked 3D and required sorting of layers of 2D sprites, the team opted to use Isotools which is a plugin that auto manages 2D sorting for isometric art-styled games. The rest of the features in the game uses proprietary code using the Unity API.

The project ran from March to July, 2016 - a span of 6 months. After the project implementation, we are now marketing the game to publishers and gamers.

Recently, Tamagogo won at the GDAP ICT Creative Awards Night for Best Mobile Game, Best in Gameplay, and Best in Game Art!

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DYLN Gallery

Project Demand

Tamagogo was made using Unity and C# scripting to deploy the games in the IOS and Android platforms. The project utilized plugins such as: Pathfinder for the character pathfinding in 2D space, Nodecanvas for the AI, and IsoTools for the isometric sorting.

What is the Project About

Tamagogo’s storyline is unorthodox. Instead of heroes, it is the monsters who are the focal point of the game. In the game, the monsters hurry to save their eggs from the heroes who have invaded their home. Tamagogo is a portfolio project and is a casual, arcade video game designed for both iOS and Android devices.

 In the game, the monsters hurry to save their eggs from the heroes who have invaded their home. 
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What We Learned

Making the game was challenging since it was our first time making a game as a team and also a first for the artist. We were also using gameplay that’s never done before, so it took longer to find the fun and iterate on the gameplay. Also, it took a while to learn the plugins since it was the first time we have used them. But overall, it was a fun project with lots of lessons for us as a team.

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