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Design thinking can pose a significant challenge in the initial stages of launching a startup, encompassing tasks such as selecting the right color scheme, building a branding kit, and crafting the identity of your business. Despite its daunting nature, there are numerous ways to streamline and expedite this process. It’s crucial to note that as we enter a new year, fresh design trends are likely to emerge. Therefore, we’re here to present you with the top design trends that might dominate 2024.

Ai Powered Design

Ai-powered designs have been commanding the market since their launch in the late 2022s, incorporating various art forms to inspire their designs. While this may be a controversial approach, it yields visually appealing designs without completely replacing human designers.

cc: gigazine


In contrast to the more familiar trend of minimalism, maximalism embraces chaos, complexity, and a diverse array of design concepts in one artistic masterpiece, featuring a bold and dynamic explosion of colors.

credits: Graphika Manila

Inclusive Visuals 

Considering the complexity of appealing to a target market, it’s essential to incorporate inclusivity into your design process. Creating designs that everyone can relate to enhances the overall appeal.

credits: LBB Online

Nostalgic 80’s

A blend of serifs, textures, and vibrant colors can evoke a nostalgic 80s editorial vibe, bringing back the golden age of the printing industry and infusing designs with a dynamic and energetic feel.

credits: (266) Pinterest

Modern Surrealism

This involves an interpretation of the contemporary and surrealistic art movement, creating dreamlike graphics that allow designers to express their inner thoughts and emotions, adding a level of diversity and aesthetics.

credits: Illustrations influenced by the surrealist movement. Poster, art & record design — Toni Giddings

3D Typography

Using three-dimensional elements to add depth and dimension to letters, 3D typography plays a crucial role in shaping brand identity, effectively conveying messages, and fitting seamlessly into contemporary design trends.

credits: TypeWorks | Vol.2 :: Behance


Spotify’s annual Wrapped is a highly anticipated compilation, offering a glimpse into one’s musical preferences throughout the year. Behind the scenes, it triggers a series of emotions as designers meticulously consider layout composition, theme, and storytelling to effectively capture memories.

credits: Spotify Wrapped returns to reveal your 2023 streaming stats (

In your design process, these concepts can propel your publication materials, startup, or your design concepts to the next stage. Always remember that it’s important to analyze the market you are targeting and let your design coincide with the product you are trying to create. These are just farms of ideas where you can harvest inspirations to address your market appropriately and staying true to the brand you aim to create is vital to making it in the harsh world. Maximizing your product’s potential is within reach; you just need to learn, adapt, and start building

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