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We help bright minds like yours build digital solutions that make a dent in the universe with our roster of world-class talents to achieve your business goals through digital transformation.

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What we do

Our mission is to make great software that make a difference: for ourselves, for our customers, and for the world.

"When I visited the Ingenuity offices, I felt like I was transported to the heart of Silicon Valley. These guys are obviously some top notch technical talent who are hungry to work on big disruptive projects. Ingenuity really is a taste of Silicon Valley in the Philippines!"

Zachary CohnStartup Weekend

“I was very impressed with the group and happy you let me sit in for a few days to work alongside you guys. The entire experience has made me excited for the future of Grin and Ingenuity together.”

Brandon BrownCo-Founder, Grin Apps





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