Employee Recognition Platform

In any company, managers have to put up with unengaged employees who slack off and underperform. It takes time and energy for your management team to be attuned to all your employees to watch out for dips in performance.

Introducing Engage. An employee recognition platform which helps you, your HR, and your managers oversee employee performance. Your employees are empowered and encouraged to acknowledge their colleague's remarkable work output.


What We Learned

Developing a Human Resources platform was an exciting learning experience for the team. The developers assigned got to explore an unknown territory in which psychology integrated with technology


Engage was built using Python, Django, HTML, Javascript and jQuery. The SwampDragon was used to show real time updates in the rewards feed, notifications, and points. For the implementation of the periodic tasks, Celery was used to be able to give bonuses for birthdays and company anniversaries, sending reminders and resetting the budget. Also, to be able to show the performance of the employees, the Highcharts plugin was used for the analytics.

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A total of 9 months was spent for the project, from April 2016 - December 2016.

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Project Demand

To build Engage, the team primarily used Django to develop this platform. They also used SwampDragon to be able show real time updates and notifications, and Celery for the periodic tasks.

Engage can then determine which employees have become unengaged lately as well as point out which employees are topping the leaderboard.

What is the Project About

Recognition by Peers 
Engage is an employee recognition platform which engages and empowers your employees. Instead of just you or your managers acknowledging a job well done, colleagues get to recognize the contribution of their peers by rewarding them with points. These points are used to redeem prizes. Each reward given out correlates to a set of company values.

Performance Review 
Through Engage, employees can now give real-time feedback to their peers. This mechanism can then be used to measure the employee’s performance and generate performance analytics.

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