On Demand Delivery

Most of our homegrown restaurants struggle with the daily demand to deliver food to their valued customers. They have to deal with a constantly ringing phone which cannot cater to a number of customers calling in simultaneously. On top of that, they cannot track a food that is supposed to be delivered in real-time.

Introducing Insta!, a food delivery service application for managing food pick-ups and delivery order services.


Project Demand

Insta! is a mobile application deployed in both the iOS and Android platforms, and has a responsive web application supported by all major browsers. Aside from the front-facing applications, the project also consists of a common backend that is utilized by both applications, which handles the database services and the web and mobile push notifications.

Insta!’s look can be modified to fit the branding of the store. Once deployed, Insta! becomes the store’s delivery app and will reflect the store’s logo and colors.

Aside from the front-facing applications, the project consists of a common backend that is utilized by both applications. This handles the database services and the web and mobile push notifications.

What is the Project About

Insta! enables customers to create order requests using the mobile application, as well as allowing the food store to actively manage the order requests using the web application.

The web application enables the food store to manage their online menu and view important store analytics (like the number of completed and cancelled orders of the current year) while customers can be updated of the status of their orders through the mobile application.

The Insta! App promotes ease of access, plus a faster and more efficient service experience.

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The project consists of two front-facing applications, a mobile application for the customer and web application for the store. The customer application was developed as a native mobile application using the iOS and Android platforms, with the integration of the Facebook social application which enables the customer to sign-up on Insta! using their Facebook accounts.

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The store application was developed primarily using the AngularJS Framework with HTML, Javascript, and SASS. Both applications utilize a common API/Backend developed through the Django Rest Framework and Python, which also manages the real-time push notifications both for web and mobile using Google’s Firebase platform. The projects also utilizes the Twilio API for managing email-based notifications

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A total of 6 weeks was spent for the Phase 1 development of the project, from the last week of August 2016 to the first week of October 2016. Currently, maintenance and improvements are still on-going for the current project phase.

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What We Learned

The project involves three separate components (API/Backend, Web, and Mobile components) that are dependent on one other. This required a critical understanding of the project description and goals, proper system architecture and flow, and efficient time and task management, which was made possible through the cohesion and proactivity of the project team, as well as the cumulative skills and expertise of the different technologies that were involved.

The introduction of new technologies, including the Firebase platform, also added to the challenge but was not necessarily a hindrance as the project was completed and delivered on schedule.