Client In a number of industries, including retail, logistics, and customer services, client is a leader in both strategy and finances.
Product Overview Auditing System to effectively manage the clients operations while lowering risk and boosting operational efficiency.
  • Python
  • Django
  • ReactJS
  • KNIME Analytics Engine
  • PostgreSQL


In order to effectively manage their operations while lowering risk and boosting operational efficiency, Client wants to establish a Continuous Auditing System. By successfully developing and putting into practice a Continuous Audit System, Client will be able to capitalize on its current operational and business skills to boost its competitiveness and offer greater value to all of its business divisions.

The Problem to Solve

Client’s goal is to create a Continuous Auditing System in order to manage their operations in an effective manner while reducing risk and increasing operational efficiency. The effective creation and implementation of a Continuous Audit System will allow the client to leverage its existing business expertise and operational knowledge to increase its competitiveness and provide increased value to all the client’s business units.

The Solution

Ingenuity provided systems engineering expertise along with developing a web application containing the Continuous Auditing functionality requested by the client. The project aimed to achieve the following:

  • Near real-time data loading from data stores and infrastructure into a dedicated data warehouse
  • Set-up of analytic queries that identify “red flag” transactions & other exemptions from standard business routines & processes;
  • Push notification for reported “red flags” & exemptions to authorized officers;
  • Moderation of management’s responses, auditor’s validations, & action plans for identified issues.