Client Retail electricity and other associated services, together with power generation and distribution, are the activities of Aboitiz Power Corporation, a holding company under Aboitiz Equity Ventures.
Product Overview By eliminating the billing step, Aboitiz’s Prepaid system streamlines the distribution and use of electricity while giving customers more discretion over how they wish to “pre-pay” for the electricity they use.
  • Python
  • Flask, Flask-RESTplus
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Juice Prepaid
  • AWS


Aboitiz Power Corporation was actively developing new ways and products to streamline the services they can provide for their customers, along with their goal of modernizing current processes through digitalization. As part of their digitalization journey, Aboitiz Power Corporation tapped Ingenuity and other companies to create a Prepaid Metering system, a modern way to deliver power to consumers.

The Problem to Solve

One of their goals was to simplify billing and add another option to service consumers. The Prepaid Metering System aims to streamline the distribution and use of electricity, while also giving consumers more discretion on their preferred method to pay for their electric bill.

The Solution

We’ve developed the API needed for integrating the prepaid metering/vending system with Aboitiz’s existing system (used for the current postpaid process).


We collaborated with Aboitiz Power Corporation along with its subsidiaries and other third party companies in order to develop the Prepaid metering system. The infrastructure was handled primarily by Aboitiz, while the system was modularized and worked on by multiple teams including Ingenuity. Overall, the collaboration achieved partial success in creating an infrastructure and digital system to handle and manage Prepaid Metering. We have reached the testing phase, but unfortunately due to multiple setbacks and changes to prioritization from Aboitiz Power Corporation, the development of the project was paused indefinitely.