Client The City Government of Davao and its constituents including non-residents.
Product Overview An electronic platform that helps communities, private sectors, and the government control disease outbreaks and guarantee everyone’s safety and health through centralized, effective contact tracing and vaccine administration. 
  • Python-Django (Backend)
  • ReactJS (Frontend)
  • React Native (Mobile)
  • AWS (Server)


The City Government of Davao was looking for a useful tool to control the COVID-19 virus’s spread while also enabling them to respond quickly to the population during an unprecedented pandemic. Consequently, Ingenuity and the city administration collaborated to develop SafeDavao QR, the country’s first comprehensive COVID-19 management system with vaccination system, resident validation, and pahalipay.

The Problem to Solve

The City Government of Davao’s quest for a digital vehicle was to automate Covid-19 response, including contact tracing, vaccination dissemination, and Pahalipay products distribution.

The Solution 

All-in-one Digital Platform for COVID Response Management

Contact Tracing

  • Logs the movement of individuals across establishments 
    • Scanning of DQRs and tagging a DQR holder if infected
  • Notifies those who were in the same area with the infected individual within a certain period of time 

Vaccine Administration

  • Provides end-to-end process automation and data gathering from registration, administration, and reporting

Pahalipay Distribution

  • Eases the distribution of Pahalipay grocery packs by the Office of the Mayor through integration of suppliers
  • Enables recipients to donate their Pahalipay goods to typhoon-stricken victims.


  • Verifies each of the registered SDQR users based on submitted documents and photos
  • Prevents fraudulent and duplicate registration of users

Dashboard Analytics

  • Shows the individual and establishment reports by category on registration, contact tracing, and vaccination
  • Information is used by the government to plan a better course of action and policies to beat the pandemic


We worked closely with the clients and included multiple teams working together to achieve success, as shown by the volume of downloads and system users. By efficiently communicating feedback and refining processes, the team accomplished general success in the area. It achieved the government’s objective of completely utilizing digital transformation to turn Davao into a super city with cutting-edge technology and first-rate customer service.